B.C. Vermeersch has developed his consulting expertise through years of day-to-day experience in the non-profit and for-profit world and through his extraordinary gifts as a communicator.

When you need help, you need someone who listens well, has a broad range of training and experience, is a problem solver who knows how to research solutions and who has an extensive network of contacts and resources.

These are the exact skills that B.C. Vermeersch uses in his work. He has a rare gift as a listener—eager to understand all of the dimensions of a challenge or opportunity. He also knows the appropriate questions to ask to clarify the issues. He is an excellent communicator—both as a writer and lecturer and he is also an innovator who can provide solutions. B.C.’s energy, clarity of thought, common sense, and sense of humor are brought to bear on every assignment.




B.C. Vermeersch